Thursday, November 26, 2009

Important challenges

Psychology is facing an increase of his members. There are several universities that give psychology and in a future that will be a problem. It´s true that with more people are more crazy and I don´t think the population in Chile shows signs of decreasing. But there will be so many psychologies that this carrier would be stop for a few years.
Another problem that I think is the poor communication we have with another universities in this field. I listening some comments like:” in this is university we impart a humanist psychology”, fortunately, Universidad de Chile show us many views, since psychoanalysis to conductism and let us decide on which area we want to study and isn´t impose for the general idea of the university.
Because psychology is a science, I don´t ear about studies or theories from chilean psychologist. We need to improve as a psychologist in general, and for that we need to make as much as possible. I´m glad that many or all of my teachers are making studies and working in other aspects of psychology and not only as teachers.

About social problems, Psychology is called to respond to this time and work to improve the level of life that chileans are experimented. I hope not sell me and work, as I said in other posts in public areas and also as a private psychologist. There are some people who don´t know the ugly face of Santiago. In this area there are people who have problems that need some help.

The education topic is the most important I think, I don´t know if I´m, going to be just a psychology, but what I´ve learn can help me to face the problems that would appear in the future. If I have some of the tools that psychology can give, many of school problems doesn´t need to be so much difficult. I think psychology improve you as a person and the kind of knowing that teach you can let you see clear and resolve some problems. In the school many kids doesn´t have that knowledge because they don´t have the support of parents or friends. They have lonely lives and psychology definitely would help them. We need to create a best world for us now and latter. Improving as much as possible and teaching to our kids, leanings that psychology can give.


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